Simply Tea Mod – 1.18.2, 1.16.5 – Tea Trees, Teapots

Author: Kompot
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Simply Tea Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) is a light mod that adds incredibly simple tea to Minecraft.


  • Tea trees that spawn in your world.
  • Teapots that you can fill with water and boil.
  • Two types of tea, green and black, with slightly different effects.


Simply adding tea

The first step in the mod is finding a Tea Tree. These trees can be found in forests across the world.

Use shears to shear the leaves off of the branches, or an axe to break them! Breaking pieces with leaves on them will drop tea leaves, and occasionally a tea sapling! After shearing a piece with leaves, they will regrow over time. You’ll also get some sticks!

Now that you have some tea, you’ll need a few things to use it. First, craft some tea bags like so.

You’ll also want a tea cup!

…and a teapot! But you’ll need to fill it.

Right-click the teapot on some water to fill it…

…then stick it in a furnace to boil the water inside!

Put some tea in a tea bag…

…and presto! You have a cup of fresh green tea! Each teapot has enough water for four cups of tea before you have to refill and reboil it.

You can also dry out some fresh tea leaves…

…and get black tea! Because realism. You can use black tea instead of green tea in all the previous recipes, and cups of black tea will provide a bit more saturation and hunger points than green.

A cup of tea can be drunk from twice before it is emptied. It can also be drunk even if your hunger is full, if you want to just have a sip!

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