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Author: EvgenBro
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Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders (1.19.2, 1.8.2) adds beautiful lighting effects to the game. The sun shines brightly at the horizon, reflecting the light perfectly on the water surface. Realistic clouds fly across the sky and disappear in the distance. The water mirrors the shadows created by the lightning, creating distinct effects. The landscape looks like a natural wonder or a great work of a great developer, as the mountains rise high above it.

It has a very realistic look thanks to the crystal clear water. Enjoy the beauty of this image.

This shader pack requires a good computer, just like any other. You will need a powerful graphics card and a fast CPU.

You can still use SEUS on a slower computer. If you set the settings correctly, you can enjoy a stunning visual overhaul of Minecraft at a decent FPS.

SEUS Renewed, a new version of SEUS’s legacy versions, delivers high-quality visuals at a low performance using traditional rasterization based rendering methods. SEUS Renewed has some unreleased versions, but I spend most of my time developing SEUS PTGI.


  • SEUS PTGI HRR (Path Tracing Shaders – Ray Traced Shaders) is an incredible project to create a shader for Minecraft with ray tracing, it makes the game just incredibly realistic and very colorful, the game will have realistic dynamic shadows, direct sunlight, beautiful reflections, and generally physically correct light.
  • Ray tracing allows you to physically correctly calculate the behavior of light in space, reflection from surfaces also gives its effects, which makes lighting extremely realistic and beautiful.
  • Shaders are being actively developed, but a lot has already been implemented and the game looks just incredibly beautiful, although you will have to pay for such beauty with the power of your video card, and it needs a very productive one.







Older version:


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