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The Soulslike Weaponry Mod (1.19; 1.17.1) adds many amazing weapons to the game. Most of these weapons are from movies and games like League of Legends, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. The mod currently adds 20 legendary weapons, three bosses, and one new ore. You can now craft more powerful weapons by killing bosses in minecraft. Other weapons like the Hunter Blunderbuss require only iron items.


The Decaying King

  • Once a powerfull ruler who attempted to make order in the chaos lands that is The Nether, was cursed by what he thought was his allies. His kingdom was sieged and fell under the lava sea, and the King could only watch helplessly while his mind and body was slowly withering away.
  • The Decaying King spawns in the remnants of the Decaying Kingdom in the nether. This cursed monstrosity wields The Darkin Blade, and has many deadly attacks to look out for.
  • Attacks:
    • Sword Slam: The Decaying King quickly charges up his blade and slams it into the ground, spawning anexplosion on the target. This is one of his main close range attacks, and will do this quite frequently.
    • Fire Barrage: The Decaying King charges up, then unleashes a mass of fire balls at the target from it’s mouth.
    • Detonation: The Decaying King folds his arms together, charging up for an explosion around him, knocking away and damaging all nearby mobs.
    • Spin: The Decaying King spins his arms around, knocking away anything in it’s path far away. Be careful not to get hit into the lava!
    • Pull: The Decaying King pulls the target into him from afar, a setup for his next attack.

The Old Champion’s Remains

  • A boss spawning in the Old Champion’s Graves, this skeleton figure has been possessed by another being, namely The Frenzied Shade. The Old Champion will go in a defensive state behind his shield when his health drops below a certian point, or the target wields a ranged weapon, like a bow. When in the defensive state, he is slower, but will not take damage from any source. Additionally, his range has increased and he will use one of two attacks against you: The Shield Bash or The Sword Thrust. When reaching half health, the Old Champion will stagger, and rise again stronger than before, gaining Speed and Strength. After killing the Old Champion, it will drop the Draugr sword, and the Frenzied Shade will spawn. This creature is the one possessing the Lord Soul, so make sure to stay alert when killing the Old Champion!
  • Attacks:
    • Shield Bash: The Old Champion will slam his shield at his foe, not dealing much damage, but knocking it back far away.
    • Sword Thrust: The Old Champion will thrust his trusty sword Draugr at the target with increased range, dealing high damage.

Frenzied Shade

The Frenzied Shade is a cursed and powerful soul, banished from it’s former body, who mistakenly possessed the Old Champion. It has a simple, but hard hitting moveset nonetheless. It can fly and phases through walls to it’s target at high speed, attacking very quickly, and can back off just as quickly after attacking. Killing it will make it drop it’s Lord Soul.

The Returning Knight

  • Once a respected champion of moonlight, turned to a darker power when he threw away his legendary blade, The Moonlight Greatsword. He coated himself in dark runes, making him both impenetrable and reflect any projectile away from his armor, but in doing so, his body and armor merged and his soul was rejected, turning into a dark, twisted creature, a mere husk of raw power, roaming the lands. His armor is now a prison for it’s remaining forces of moonlight, a puppet being controlled by the dark power of the underworld the owner coated it with, and now, this behemouth wields the great mace Nightfall.
  • The Returning Knight is a slow, but hard hitting boss with a few attacks up his sleave. First of all, all projectiles around him will have no effect on him, and will rather be reflected back in the direction they came from, so be careful with that Hunter Cannon! At half health, he will use his last forces of moonlight to be Unbreakable, slamming his arm on his chest, gaining Resistence. After killing The Returning Knight, he will drop moonstone, Nightfall and a Lord Soul.
  • Attacks:
    • Children of the Grave: The Returning Knight slams his mace Nightfall into the ground, summoning a random amount of Remnants and Dark Sorcerers.
    • Obliterate: The Returning Knight charges up Nightfall over two seconds, then slams it into the ground on the targets last position when he started charging, dealing massive damage and knocking up all targets hit. This attack takes a while for him to charge up ,so you have plenty of time to evade it. If not, then prepare for ridiculous amounts of damage, even with full protection 4 netherite armor!
    • Blinding Light: The Returning Knight quickly sweeps his left arm on the target, Blinding, Slowing and knocking it back if it hits.
    • Eruption: The Returning Knight prepares for an attack that affects all mobs around, slamming his mace Nightfall in the ground three times. The two first are a sign of warning, but the third he will use more force on, smashing Nightfall into the ground causing huge eruptions on all targets around him, even his own minions, dealing damage and knocking them up high in the air.

Withered Demon

The Withered Demon, is a slow, but hard hitting creature, with every attack knocking up the target, just like an iron golem. It is a mere mindless hollow, compared to it’s former glory days, it only knows hatred for the unknown, and the Withers in particular. It spawns naturally in the crimson forrest in the nether. Killing it will make it drop the demon heart, an item that can eventually be crafted into the Bloodthirster with enough ingredients.


Remnants are lost souls of the underworld, spawning with random equipment of Soul Ingot Armor and the Translucent Weapons Set. These mobs will spawn as an Evil version from The Returning Knight, only attacking players. They can also be randomly summoned by Nightfall if a player kills an undead with it. It will then be the players guardian, seeking out other mobs and protecting the player. Killing it will make it drop some of it’s equipment and some Soul Ingots.

Dark Sorcerer

The Dark Sorcerer were once great healing priests that were turned and twisted by the darker power. They can only be summoned by The Returning Knight, spawning with the full Soul Robes armor set. They will do anything in their power to heal the great Returning Knight, but if the boss is not present, they will relentlessly attack the player with their beam of magic, dealing damage each second. Killing them will sometimes make them drop their equipment and some Lost Souls.

Moderatly Sized Chungus

Intended to be a joke creature, these fierce beings spawn in the forrest at night. Do not be tricked by their appearance, as they move and attack ridiculously fast. Killing them makes them drop Chungus Emeralds, which can be crafted into a music disc.

Decaying Kingdom

The only remains of a great kingdom that has sunken underneath the lava lakes, this structure spawns above the lava lakes in the nether (around Y level 32).

Champion’s Graves

Found in the Taiga or Snowy Taiga biome in the overworld. This structure contains the haunted Old Champion’s Remains, and perhaps you could even find some treasure left behind here…

Corrupted Moon Altar

Spawning in the Savanna or Plains biome in the overworld, the structure spawns with an Old Moon Altar block, which you can right click with a Lost Soul to summon The Returning Knight.

Moonstone Ore

Spawns at diamond level.


Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.

Old Moon Altar


Bluemoon Greatsword

Bluemoon Shortsword

Hunter Blunderbuss

Hunter Cannon

Chungus Disc

Comet Spear

Crimson Ingot

Crimson Obsidion

The Darkin Blade

Demonite Chunk

Dragon Staff

Dragonslayer Swordspear


Gatling Gun

The Dragonslayer Greatsword – The Heap of Raw Iron

Lich Bane

Lord Soul

Lost Soul

Molten Demon Heart

Moonlight Greatsword

Moonlight Shortsword

Moonstone Block


Hunter Pistol

Pure Moonlight Greatsword

Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Whirligig Sawblade

Silver Bullets

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