Sound Physics Mod – 1.19.3, 1.18.2 – Amazing Sound Shaders in Minecraft

Author: Kompot
sound physics mod 1 19 3 1 18 2 amazing sound shaders in minecraft

Sound Physics Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) is a mod that overhauls Minecraft’s sound engine to simulate reverberation, sound occlusion/absorption, and physically based sound attenuation. You’ll be able tell if a mob is nearby or behind you by the sound simulation. Exploring caves can be more immersive because of the reverberation, which gives you a sense for scale and grande structures as well as large underground ravines.

Stereo sound files will not work properly if they are mono instead of stereo! Stereo sound files will play the full volume without spatial panning, regardless of where it comes from or how far it is away. Make sure you’re making mono sounds if you make custom sounds. To convert stereo sound files from stereo to mono, you can use an audio editor such as Audacity.

The Environment Evaluation Rays should be set to the highest setting that does not cause stuttering during sounds play. This is a good choice for moderately powerful CPUs. A more accurate and consistent sound simulation will be achieved by using more rays.

Low frame rates (below 30 frames per second) can cause sound artifacts (a sound that randomly has the wrong reverb settings).

Sound Physics Remastered Mod:

  • Improved sound processing performance by a factor of 10.
  • Optimized for Simple Voice Chat.
  • Ported the mod to Forge.
  • Improved configuration UI.
  • Made Cloth Config optional.
  • Tweaked default config values.
  • Added reflectivity to the config GUI.
  • Added occlusion variation.
  • Added block occlusion factor config.
  • Added debug sound bounce rendering.
  • Added debug sound occlusion rendering.


Ray visualisation: A piston sound raycast. All blocks that are queried by raycating have a particle on top. (used structure_void)

64 rays: Hearts = ray hits heard by player

1024 rays: New performance allows to have that

Sound redirection: White (end rod) dot is the new location, at which you hear the sound of the piston enclosed in the bedrock box

New ray visualisation: Rare moment just a bit after the dropper is triggered (in a 30³ barrier box)

Ray hell: Just after the previous one.

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