Squake Mod – 1.19, 1.18.2 – Bunny Hop, Strafe and Surf

Author: EvgenBro
squake mod 1 19 1 18 2 bunny hop strafe and surf

Squake Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) is a Quake style movement mod for Minecraft. It was largely inspired by Team Fortress Classic/Fortress Forever. This mod adds bunnyhopping and strafe jumping to Minecraft. It also removes falling damage from your speed. Bunnyhopping does not come with a cap by default. However, you can set config settings to allow Fortress Forever-style hard and soft bunnyhop caps. Although the air and ground acceleration codes are based on Half-Life, they should be very similar to Quake. Trimp mechanic is an altered version of Fortress Forever’s trimp mechanic. If you are moving quickly enough, holding sneak while jumping can convert some of your horizontal speed to vertical speed. Sharking is the act of gliding on water’s surface by holding jump. Not compatible with Smart Moving Mode.

It modifies existing movements and adds new types of movement. Players will not lose their movement speed if they are installed on both the client and the server. All modifications and new movements must be made on the client.


  • Bunny Hopping: is a simple modification that increases horizontal velocity while airborne, particularly while sprinting and jumping.
  • Strafe Jumping: is a new movement that will increase movement velocity while jumping, strafing, and moving forward all at the same time. Thus, jumping, sprinting forward, and moving slightly to the side will significantly increase the player’s movement velocity.
  • Air Control: allows the player to have much more control over their movements while airborne. The player is able to rotate and change direction significantly quicker than Vanilla permits, while airborne.
  • Trimping: modifies the player’s vertical and horizontal velocity when jumping depending on the slope or wall that they are jumping before. In other words, jumping downhill will decrease vertical speed and height, but increase horizontal speed and distance, while jumping uphill will increase vertical speed and height, but decrease horizontal speed and distance.
  • Sharking: allows the player to glide extraordinarily fast across bodies of fluids. Sharking can be initiated by sprint-jumping onto a body of water. This same buff applies to flowing water, even if the player is going against the current.

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