Sulfuric Mod – 1.16.5 – Phosphor Mod for Forge, FPS Boost

Author: LadyLeska
sulfuric mod 1 16 5 phosphor mod for forge fps boost

Sulfuric Mod (1.16.5), an unofficial port Phosphor Mod is ported from fabric to Forge. This mod optimizes the lighting engine, one of Minecraft’s most inefficient areas. This mod works on both client and server and does not require clients to have it. Sulfuric can reduce the time it takes to generate chunks for certain dimensions. Additionally, frame stuttering while traversing the globe can be greatly reduced. This is a non-compromises solution to improve performance in single-player and large multi-player server settings. It does not alter the vanilla game’s features or behavior.

This mod is an improvement to vanilla’s lighting engine implementation but it doesn’t change the way that Minecraft uses its light model. This mod doesn’t change the way light is rendered, except where bugs have been fixed, nor does it add any new features to Minecraft. This allows the mod not to be installed on another server or client. Sulfuric’s optimizations and fixes are focused on improving the lighting engine and keeping it small and portable. As lighting is only part of the equation, this mod won’t fix all client-side issues or world generation lag.

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