Sully’s Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Much More Creatures

Author: LadyLeska
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Sully’s Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) focuses on adding features that fit the game well but are unique enough to feel special.




Tortoises can be found in Birch Forests, Forests, Jungles and Savanna’s they are very slow and you can sit on them.


Goblins are rare creatures that mainly spawn in structures but if your unlucky you may find some in the Plains, Forests, Badlands Wooded Plateau, Badlands, Dark Forest and Jungle! They drop golden nuggets.

Goblin Brewer:

Goblin Brewers act like weaker normal goblins but have a 40% chance of healing themself when hurt. They drop empty bottles.

Armed Goblin:

Armed Goblin are the strongest variant of the goblins but are slower, they have a very small chance of dropping their weapon upon death but can drop golden nuggets when they don’t.

Alligator Snapping Turtle:

Alligator Snapping Turtles spawn in the swamp and hide in the water until the player comes close, they jump at their prey and attack boats too. When they die they can drop the pizza. (that’s a teenage mutant ninja turtle reference)


Birds come in 3 different varients: a Redbird, a Bluetit, and a Dove, they drop feathers when they die and fly around. (their animation isn’t completely working right now so the wings don’t flap when they are still in the air but that’s something I’m working on)


Hermit’s are underwater mobs that spawn in rare structures. They have a 70% chance of dropping a hermitclaw when they die and a 5% chance of dropping a Broken Piece of Shell.


Jellyfish are underwater mobs that spawn in Deep Frozen Oceans, they glow and seem friendly but if you come close they will attack you.


Fairy’s are rare mobs that spawn in the overworld. If you right-click them it will instantly become day, so if you’re running away from zombies and see this glowing mob be sure to right-click it!

Dwarven Miner:

Dwarven Miners are the melee varient of dwarves they can spawn in the mountains and try to kill the player and agressive entities. They also spawn in dwarven mines wich are small structures that can be found in the mountain caves.

Dwarven Demolitionist:

Dwarven Demolitionists are the ranged and rarer varient of the Dwarves and throw Boomsticks at you and agressive entities, they only spawn in 1 of the 2 dwarven structures.


Mimics are really rare mobs that spawn as a block that looks exactly like a chest, but when you right-click, touch or just even interact with the block it will spawn a mimic, the mimic is a really strong enemy that will sometimes drop a diamond when killed and most of the time a chest.


Witherlings are rare Nether-mobs that pretty much act like a weaker Wither that can’t shoot as far and doesn’t do much damage, they drop Wither Rozes when they die.

Marine Iguana:

Marine Iguana’s are friendly mobs that spawn on stone beaches and stone shores, they can swim but most of the time just hang around on the beach.


Nautilus are sea creatures that spawn in Deep Oceans and Deep Warm Oceans, they have a 70% chance of dropping a Tentacle and 2% chance of dropping a Small Broken Piece of Shell.


Piranha’s are water creatures that spawn rarely in the Jungle, sadly Jungle Rivers count as normal rivers so when they spawn they spawn in the glitched river parts that still count as Jungle Biome, this is the reason they are so rare. They can drop a Piranha Tooth upon death wich serves no purpose yet.


Scarabs are fast insects that spawn in the desert or in the Infested Piramid structure, they can drop a Scarab Eye when they die.

Flying Scarab:

Flying Scarabs act like the normal ones, but when they hit the player they’ll start flying.


Sharks are neutral sea creatures that spawn in Deep Oceans and Deep Warm Oceans, they do not attack the player until the player does first but do attack boats. They do attack fish.


Zombiesharks are aggressive sea creatures that spawn during the night and are always agressive to the player and again boats. They still attack fish.


Frogs are friendly mobs that spawn in the swamp. They have a 70% chance of dropping frog legs when they die.


The Wasp is a hostile mob that poisons you when he attacks you, he can spawn in Jungle Edge biomes but can also spawn in a Wasp Hive structure that comes in 3 different sizes. (the smallest is the only above-ground one)

Wasp Larvea:

Wasp Larvea spawn when you break a Nested Wasp Comb, it’s a hostile mob and it will attack the player.

Ghost Pirate:

Ghost Pirates spawn in floating shipwrecks with black sails, they at the moment don’t drop anything but they will once when the normal Pirate added.


New Brick types:

All of these blocks can be made in the Stonecutter.

New Mossy Brick Types:

Added 3 new brick types and you can now craft all of the mossy blocks with moss instead of vines too.

New Chiseled End Stone:

This can be made in a Stonecutter and like normal Chiseled blocks with 2 End Stone slabs.

New Smooth End Stone:

This can be made by cooking End Stone like you would with vanilla smooth blocks.

Wasp themed blocks:

These can be found in the 3 new Wasp structures found in the jungle.


Tall Red Mushroom:

The Tall Red Mushroom spawns in the Mushroom Fields biome but has no purpose yet.


Thorns spawn in every varient of the Jungle, they slow you down and hurt entities/you when entities/you try to walk through them.


Moss spawns in the Forest, Jungle, Jungle Hills, Dark Woods and the Birch Forest, it slows entities/you down a bit when enities/you walk through it.


Withermoss spawns in the Nether and slows entities/you down while giving the wither effect, you can’t pick it up unless you have silk touch.


The Shrendi is a mushroom type that spawns in the End Midlands and End Barrens, it randomly teleports entities/you arround when they/you touch it.


The Lumiflower is a glowing flower that can spawn in Dark Woods, it gives entities the Glow effects when entities/you touch it.



Sticky slows you down like a cobweb when you run, even when you are in the air! this could be handy but very annoying as well!

Items, Foods, Weapons, Armor:


The Hermitclaw is a strong but slow weapon that drops from hermits, it can be cooked and made into Cooked Hermitclaws.

Cooked Hermitclaw:

The Cooked Hermitclaw is a food source that fills your stomach pretty well.

Dwarven Helmet:

Dwarven Helmets drop from Dwarven Miners and give you Night Vision but Slowness too, they are stronger than Iron.


Boomsticks are craftable but can also drop from Dwarven Demolitionists, you can see them as a minecraft variant of grenades.

Wasp Eye:

Wasp Eyes drop from Wasps and can be used as a replacement of the Spider Eye in the Fermented Spider Eye Recipe

Scarab Eye:

Scarab Eyes drop from normal Scarabs and can be used as a replacement of the Spider Eye in the Fermented Spider Eye Recipe

Flying Scarab Eye:

Flying Scarab Eyes drop from Flying Scarabs and can be used as a replacement of the Spider Eye in the Fermented Spider Eye Recipe

Goblin Dagger:

The Goblin Dagger is a really fast sword that deals 5 damage but because it’s so fast you can pretty much spam it! It has a 2% chance of dropping from armed goblins.

Marine Algea:

Marine Algea can be fished up eaten, it gives you barely any food though.


Froglegs drop from Frogs and can be eaten but that doesn’g give you much food so i recommend cooking it first!


Tentacles can be dropped from Nautilus and can be cooked, when eated raw you eat it very slow and it’ll give you Naussia.

Cooked Tentacle:

The Cooked Tentacle it the cooked version of the tentacle, it’s fills your foodbar up pretty well but is still a bit slower to eat than normal food.

Wasp Comb:

Wasp Comb drop from Wasp Comb blocks and when combined with 4 others can be crafted into a new Wasp Comb block.

Nested Wasp Comb:

Nested Wasp Comb drop from Nested Wasp Comb blocks and when combined with 4 others can be crafted into a new Nested Wasp Comb block.

Fried Froglegs:

Fried Froglegs on a Stick is the cooked version of Froglegs, when eaten they give besides the food refill around 30 seconds of Jump Boost.


Pizza is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle refference and can be eaten. It drops from the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

Fried Egg:

Fried Eggs can be made from cooking Chicken Eggs these are edible so you could make a farm with this.

Small Broken Piece of Shell:

Small Broken Piece of Shells drop from Nautilus, they can be crafted into some Bonemeal but when combined with 9 they can be crafted into a full Nautilus Shell too.

Broken Piece of Shell:

Broken Piece of Shells drop from Hermits and can also be crafted into Bonemeal, but they can be broken up into some small pieces too.

Piranha Tooth:

Piranha Tooths drop from Piranhas and serve no purpose yet. I have some plans for some weapons though!


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