The Nexus Mod – 1.18.2 – Deep Dark Dimension

Author: Kompot
the nexus mod 1 18 2 deep dark dimension

The Nexus Mod (1.18.2) gives Minecraft a new dimension. It is dangerous and dark. Here you’ll find many Sculk-related items and blocks, as well as ruins containing treasure. This dimension can be accessed via a gateway located deep underground. Gateways explode when used. To return to the dimension, you’ll need another one. You will need to find Ancient Shards in order to fill Ancient Frames.


A Dimensional Rift: Found underground. Single use warp between dimensions

The Gloomstone Wastes: A wasteland of gloomstone. Hasn’t seen daylight in centuries.

A trap in the Nexus Stronghold: Watch your step

The Lustre

The Sculk Infection

The Warden

Ancient Ruins: Place Ancient Shards inside Ancient Frames to summon the Ancient Sentinel

The Ancient Sentinel

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