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Author: EvgenBro
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TOP Addons Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) is a mod for McJty’s The One Probe.


Currently supports these mods:


  • Tank display


Apiarist’s helmet with probe and Spectacles with the probe.

Allows you to see The One Probe HUD without holding the Probe item. Helmets still have original functionality.

Any Forestry tiles with internal tanks

Normal mode: (Sometimes) Tank name with visual gauge and fluid color

Any forestry tiles with internal tanks (and engine info at the bottom)

Extended mode: Numerical display of tank contents and fluid name

Apiaries, Beehouses and Alvearies

Normal mode: Displays queen and lifespan

Extended mode: Species and inventory

Saplings and Butterflies

Extended mode: ‘Unknown genome’ or allele information


Normal mode: Fruit type and ripeness, pollinated if wearing spectacles or apiarist’s hat (with or without probe attached)


Normal mode: Circuit and farm types depending on facing direction

Extended mode: Inventory

All forestry machines and other blocks with error tabs in their GUI

Normal mode: “Can’t work”

Extended mode: Error names


Normal mode: Moistening(?) speed and current process (white arrow), recipe progress at the bottom

  • Error messages for all blocks with GUIs that display them
  • Internal tank display
  • Breeding progress (no values) and queen display for all beehouses
  • Special information displays for Moistener and Multiblock Farms
  • Show fruit ripeness on leaves and whether they are pollinated (only when wearing spectacles or apiarist’s hat)

Tinkers’ Construct

Smeltery Controller

Extended mode: Full display of all liquids with amounts and names

Casting basin and table

Normal mode: Solidifying progress

Smeltery controller

Normal mode: Gauge displaying the liquids in the smeltery

  • Extended view of fluids inside the controller when sneaking
  • Drying rack progress

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry

Incense Altar

Normal mode: Shows tranquility and sacrifice bonus (requires divination/seer/holding sigil)

Routing Node

Normal mode: Shows filter settings for the looked-at side.

Blood Altar

Normal mode: Altar tier, Essence contents and crafting progress (requires divination/seer/holding sigil)

  • Altar tier and Essence contents (requires divination/seer sigil*)
  • Altar crafting progress (requires seer sigil)
  • Incense altar tranquility and sacrifice bonus (requires divination/seer sigil)
  • Filter configuration for routing nodes (side-sensitive)

Storage Drawers

Extended mode: detailed inventory info

  • More detailed information on stored item stacks
  • Stack capacity

IndustrialCraft 2

Progress support

Many machine-type blocks have progress bars

EU bar

Shows up on most tiles with internal EU storage

  • EU bar on most tiles (availability of stored energy varies because of protected/private fields)
  • Progress bars on many machine tiles
  • Teleporter linked coordinates
  • Heat display
  • TFBP display


Electric Logger

Normal mode: Error message and durability of axe.

Extended mode: Logging range.

Any RF-Generating Tile

Shows RF/t being generated.

Grinder (+ pressure plate on top of it)

Shows grinding progress.

Processing Machines

Shows Processing progress.

  • Progress on all processing machines (Electric Furnace, Solidifier, Alloyer, etc.)
  • Grind progress for Grinder and any perssure plate right above it
  • RF/t on generating machines (Solar Panels, Furnace Generator, etc.)
  • Errors, axe durability andn logging range on Electric Logger

*Also works in sigil of holding

Probing Helmets

Craft modded helmets with a probe to get their probing variants, works with all non-blacklisted helmets (configurable):

These helmets will additionally have a visual “chip” when worn:

  • Botania: Manasteel, Elementium, Manaweave and Terrasteel helmets(non-revealing versions)
  • Forestry: Apiarist helmet and Spectacles
  • Blood Magic: Living and Sentient helmets
  • IndustrialCraft 2: Quantum, Nano and Hazmat helmets

Uncraft by putting the helmet back in the crafting grid with nothing else.


/topaddons [option] [value] This command will modify client-only settings:

  • Show the TOP Addons fluid gauge on tiles with internal tanks. (0 to hide) [default: 1]
  • Hide the vanilla TOP fluid gauge. (1 to hide) [default: 0]
  • Only show Forestry machines’ critical failure reasons when crouched.(0 for always, 1 for crouching) [default: 0]
  • Show IC² machine progress bar in normal mode. (0 for crouching only) [default: 1]
  • Show note block pitch and instrument. (0 to hide) [default: 1]

/tophelmet blacklist <add/remove>


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