Trains Mod 1.12.2 – More Trains and More Types of Rails

Author: LadyLeska
trains mod 1 12 2 more trains and more types of rails

Trains Mod 1.12.2 is a mod that allows for a wide variety of trains. These trains can be used in survival mode, but they can also drive themselves and stop at various stations to improve the aesthetics of a city.

The mod includes rails that can be straight or 90 degree curves of different radiuses (which are determined based on the item stack being held when placing curves). There are also a few other train models with no special functionality.


  • More Trains (Locomotives and useful wagons).
  • Dynamic sounds.
  • Dynamic hitboxes (+ ghost entities).
  • Driveable trains (with a dynamic interface and more).
  • More types of rails (switches and diagonal ones).
  • Glass effect for windows.
  • Crafting system and a better concept of creating rails.
  • Use for different types of trains and wagons.
  • Different props for train stations and other train related stuff (signals and more).
  • Catenaries.
  • Dynamic animations for trains.
  • Walkable trains.
  • Track API.
  • Cross-compatibility with Immersive Railroads.


DB 143 Electric Locomotive: The DB 143 is an electric locomotive mainly used for passenger transportation by the german rail company “Deutsche Bahn”. The voxel model is a life sized scale of the real train with slight variations to compensate the artstyle.

DB Intercity 2nd class wagon: The 2nd class wagon for the Intercity train series

This rail car is the couterpiece to the Intercity wagon, which will recquire a locomotive to push or pull the train in either direction.

Generic Freight Cars: Type 1 of the universal freight car series

A livestock car

Generic Tank Wagons: The Type 1 tank wagon comes in 4 different designs: grey, blue, green and a custom “Shell” livery. It is part of a universal tank wagon series.

Siemens Nexas: The Siemens Nexas is a metropolitan train model used by the Australian company “PTV”. Its design is based on the standard Melbourne livery.

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