Vanilla Toolsets Mod – 1.16.5, 1.15.2 – New Armor & Tools

Author: EvgenBro
vanilla toolsets mod 1 16 5 1 15 2 new armor tools

Are you tired of mining emeralds only to find out that they are useless for villager trade? Fear no more. Vanilla Toolsets Mod (1.16.5 & 1.15.2), adds four sets of armor and tools made from vanilla materials. It’ll be a joy to finally grab that emerald from the bottom of your mine. The recipes are the same as for any other tool/armor pieces, but Lapis tools require Lapis Blocks rather than single Lapis pieces. Each part can be repaired with the other parts in an anvil.


The items are added by this mod (Emerald, Obsidian, Lapis, & Quartz)

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