Warden and Sculk Mod – 1.18.2, 1.16.5 – The Best Warden Recreation

Author: FixEye
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Warden and Sculk Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) adds the warden to the game. This mod functions much like the Minecraft Live warden. This mob can only detect you by sounds. This mod is from Minecraft Vanilla 1.19.



  • Warden is a big hostile mob with 500 pts of health (250 hearts). He has two forms of attack , one ranged (Sonic Boom) and melee:
  • Melee damage:
    • Easy: 18pts(9 hearts)
    • Normal: 30pts(15 hearts)
    • Hard: 45pts(22.5 hearts)
  • You can change it’s health, attack, range and speed with the config file “warden_and_sculk-common.toml”. Take care when it has less than 100pts because he can break some blocks.

Ancient Cities:

  • It’s a huge structure that can be generated on the sculk biome. This structures starts with the portal and finishes with a lot of bridges connecting to rooms. You can find chests and some secrets here.

Sculk Shrieker:

  • This block can summon Wardens just if a near sculk sensor detects a vibration. Once is active it will summon a Warden (if there aren’t any Wardens) near the Sculk Shrieker. This block can give you the darkness effect and it has two states.
  • When you place this block on survival or is generated by sculk catalyst then it can’t summon Wardens.

Recovery Compass:

  • It can be crafted with 8 echo shards and one compass (echo shards can be obtained on chests). This item will show the direction of your last death position.

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