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Author: EvgenBro
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Wawla Mod 1.16.5, 1.12.2 is an addon to the Waila Mod or Hwyla Mod. It aims at providing additional information about Minecraft and building bridges between Waila (or Hwyla), and other popular mods. This mod provides game documentation for modded and vanilla content.


Generic Entity Info

  • Time left until animal can breed again.
  • Time left for baby animal to grow up.
  • Armor points of an entity.
  • Whether or not a pet has been tamed.
  • Whether or not a pet is sitting.

Generic Block Info

  • Blast resistance of the block.
  • Hardness of the block.
  • Harvestability info, such as correct item to use.
  • The amount of enchanting power a block gives to an enchantment table.
  • The break percentage of the block currently being mined.

Vanilla Entity Info

  • The amount of EXP an EXP orb is worth.
  • Speed and Jump strength of a horse.
  • Name of Item in Item Frame
  • Fuse time on Primed TNT
  • Name of a villagers profession.

Vanilla Block Info

  • Info on everything in a furnace including contents and remaining fuel.
  • Name of the player on player skulls.

Misc Features

  • Enchantment Descriptions on enchantment books.


Pet Module:When looking at a pet type mob like an Ocelot or a Wolf you can see who its owner is, if it has one.

Harvestability: When looking at a block, Wawla will advise you on if your tool can break that block.

Furnace Info: When looking at a furnace, you can see how much burn time is left. You can also see what is inside if you are sneaking.

Aspect Jars: You can see what Aspect is in Thaumcraft’s warded jars, by looking at them. The amount and the type is displayed on the tool tip.

Pixelmon: Apricorns: When looking at an apricorn bush you can see its growth rate as a percentage.

Tinkers: Drying racks: When looking at a drying rack, it will display its conversion progress as a percentage.

Version Checker Integration: This mod has full support for Version Checker. When version checker is installed, you will be alerted of new updates.

Thaumcraft: Recharge Pedestal: Thaumcraft recharge pedestals display the name of the wand they contain, along with the amount of vis they each contain.

Enchantment Books: All enchantment books are capable of displaying a description of what they do, even enchantment books from other mods work off of this. If a book lacks a description, please report it to me on the issue tracker.

Tinkers: Land Mine hidden: In tinkers construct you can make landmines and make them camouflaged. This mod will prevent waila from telling the difference between the land mine and its camo block.

Beacons: When looking at a beacon you can see what tier it is, along with what effects have been selected for it. By default the main effect is always Regen, so under normal circumstances only a secondary effect will be displayed.

Player Skulls: Ever wonder who a player head is representing, but you don’t want to break it to find out? Now you can do that, just look at the skull with this handy mod installed.

Mob Items: Are you curious as to what armor or items a mob currently has? This will reveal this information to you,


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