Windswept Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Expansion of Snowy and Forest Areas

Author: Tymka
windswept mod 1 19 2 1 18 2 expansion of snowy and forest areas

Windswept Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) is an expansion to snowy or forest areas in the game. It encourages players to explore the expanded areas and to build.


Holly Trees

  • Holly trees are a new type of tree. They can be found in the grove biome as well as old growth pine and spruce taiga biomes. Their leaves are prickly so try not to touch them. The wood can be crafted into its own woodset with all expected blocks.

Potion of Prickling & Thorns Effect

  • Holly leaves have a chance to drop holly berries when broken. Since they cannot be eaten they have a different use, they are used as a potion ingredient to make the Potion of Prickling which grants the thorns effect.
  • The thorns effect is identical to the thorns enchantment. It will also stack with any thorns enchantment you have equipped already.

Wild Berries

  • Wild berries are a new food source that can be found growing in high altitude areas of the world. They can grow on both snow and grass.
  • Wild berry juice can also be crafted which will give ~15 seconds of regeneration, this works as a good early game regen effect.

Snowy Sprouts

  • Snowy sprouts are small decorative plants that grow in small round patches in snowy areas. They only grow on snow blocks but when collected with shears, can also be placed on grass and dirt.
  • Snowy sprouts are often found near wild berries.

Rose Flowers

  • There are 5 different colours of the new rose flower: red, white, yellow, blue, and pink. Red and yellow roses can be found in any taiga biome whereas blue, white, and pink roses can be found in any snowy biome.
  • The wither rose has also been retextured to match the other roses.


  • Nightshades are a mysterious glowing flower with special properties that can be found very rarely growing in large patches under trees.


  • Bluebells are small flowers that can be found in patches in dark oak forests.


  • Foxgloves can be found growing in any taiga biome. Foxes can sometimes be found holding them in their mouths.

Snow Bricks

  • Snow bricks are decorative bricks that can be crafted from snow blocks.

Ice Bricks

  • Both blue ice and packed ice now have brick variants.

Wooden Buckets

  • Wooden buckets are cheap buckets with durability. Durability is taken when a fluid exits the bucket. The bucket has 24 total uses and is made from 3 of any log.
  • There is also no wooden lava bucket because that would make no sense.

Goat Meat

  • Goats will now drop goat meat upon death. Goat meat can also be crafted into goat stew which is a very good food source.

Berry Bowls

  • There are 2 types of berry bowls: wild berry bowls and sweet berry bowls. Berry bowls are a way of condensing 3 berries into a single item. They can be stacked to 64 and are exactly 3 times the saturation and hunger of the berry they are made from.

Mutton Pie

  • Mutton can now be crafted into mutton pie. The pie can also be found in the chests of taiga villages.

Snow Boots

  • Snow boots are made from leather and iron and allow you to walk faster on any snowy block. They can be dyed any colour you like. They also allow you to walk on Powder Snow.
  • The list of blocks that the snow boots consider to be “snow” is determined by a block tag; meaning you can add any blocks if you wish.

Chilled & Frozen Flesh

  • Chilleds are ice versions of zombies that spawn instead of zombies in any snowy biome. They drop frozen flesh instead of rotten flesh that can be smelted down into leather, this acts as a better alternative to getting leather than just from cows. Zombies, husks and drowneds convert into chilleds when left in powder snow.
  • The list of mobs that convert to chilleds in powder snow is determined by an entity tag so if you wish to add a mob to that list, you can.

Gold Door and Trapdoor

  • Gold doors and trapdoors behave the same as iron doors and trapdoors. They have the same recipe but with gold ingots instead. If you have any ideas for a unique function for these, let me know.

Polished Deepslate Pressure Plates & Buttons

  • They’re crafted how you think they would be crafted.

Banner Patterns

  • There are 2 new banner patterns: “Snow Charge” and “Snow Golem”.

Curse of Slipping

  • The curse of slipping is a curse that can appear on boots. This causes the wearer to slip on any block as if it was ice while damaging the boots in the process.

Music Discs

  • 2 new music discs have been added: “rain” and “snow”. If a skeleton kills a chilled, “snow” is dropped. If a skeleton kills a drowned, “rain” is dropped.

Ice Sheets

  • Ice sheets are thin sheets of ice made from ice blocks. They behave the exact same as glass panes but if they are hit by any projectile they will break (ice sheet item is dropped when broken).

Birch Branches

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