World Downloader Mod – 1.16.5, 1.15.2 – Create Backups of Your Builds

Author: LadyLeska
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World Downloader Mod (1.16.5 and 1.15.2) allows single-player saving of a world to a remote server. This mod can be used to back up your creations on a remote server.


The “Download this world” button

Multiworld support

Download options

World options

World generator options

Advanced entity options

Extensions options

Save progress screen

How to use:

Join a server, and then pause and select “Download this world”. If this is your first time using the mod on that server, make sure to chose the appropriate multiworld mode — if the server *only* has 3 worlds (the overworld, nether, and end), multiworld is not needed, but if it has any more worlds or has worlds beyond those official worlds, multiworld is required or you may end up overwriting data from one world with that of another. After that, you may wish to pause again and click the 3 dots next to the download button, allowing you to further configure the download options for that world.

Once you’ve started the download, you need to travel around the world. World Downloader will only save chunks that you can see — if the game never loads it, it will not be saved. (However, once a chunk is loaded, the entire vertical section is saved.) For most servers, this is a range of 10 chunks (160 blocks), but it might be more or less depending on the server. You will need to open chests and some other blocks for them to be saved.

To make use of the mod, simply join a server, pause the game, and click “Start download”. If the server is multiworld (has more than the 3 vanilla minecraft dimensions), make sure to indicate as such. Travel around the world, making sure to load the parts you want to save, and opening any chests / other containers, and when you are done, pause, and click “Stop downloading”.

What World Downloader Saves:

World Downloader automatically saves some things, but other things must be manually saved, and still other things can’t be saved at all.

Automatically saved

  • World terrain
  • Entities (may need range configuration on some servers)
  • Most tile entities, such as signs and banners
  • Your inventory, position, and gamemode
  • The server spawnpoint

Manually saved

  • Chests and other containers — they must be opened to save
  • Villager trades (must be viewed to save)
  • The server seed — must be manually entered (will be filled in if /seed is performed, but you must be op)

Not saved at all

  • Your bed respawn
  • Other players
  • Jukebox contents

Important usage notes:

  • You need to open chests while downloading or their contents cannot be saved.
  • The mod can only save chunks which are sent by the server as you move around. If you see the chunk while downloading, then it’s saved! If you don’t move, it will likely only save 10 chunks (160 blocks) in each direction.
  • The seed is not saved automatically. You must be op to request the seed with the /seed command. World Downloader will pull the seed automatically from the server response.
  • When you click “stop download”, wait until the world is saved to disconnect. You will be notified in chat.
  • Some entities such as Fireworks will freeze the client if used while downloading. Known bug.

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