World Utils Mod – 1.12.2 – Manipulate The World in Certain Ways

Author: LadyLeska
world utils mod 1 12 2 manipulate the world in certain ways

World Utils Mod (1.12.2), includes useful commands and tools for manipulating Minecraft worlds in-game.


Some of the commands include:

  • Remove duplicated entities.
  • Remove scheduled tile ticks.
  • Replace blocks with another block (or with air, which of course is also a block) in the entire world.
  • A setblock command, which (only) works in unloaded chunks.
  • An inspectblock command, which shows block and TileEntity NBT data currently saved in the chunk data on disk
  • Remove all entities by name from the world files.
  • Remove all tile entities by name from the world files.
  • Rename entities.
  • Rename tile entities.
  • Remove non-existing block entries from the block ID map (= clean-up after removing a mod)

Chunk Wand:

  • Allows changing entire chunks in the world, or just importing biomes from a different world. The alternate worlds that are used as the source are stored inside the worldname/alternate_worlds/ directory. The mod also keeps track of all the changes to chunks and stores that “database” in the same directory.

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