YDM’s Weird Mobs Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – New Crazy Mobs

Author: Kompot
ydm s weird mobs mod 1 19 2 1 18 2 new crazy mobs

YDM’s Weird Mobs mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) adds more than 30 mobs with a total 56 variatons. You can also add some items to your game. Nearly every mob has a unique move that can turn your gameplay into a living nightmare. Don’t worry! You can control some mobs to make them fight for your side. Blaze rods can be used to control the Blaze Wolf, which will light his target on fire. Ender Creeper can charge at you fast but his explosion is slightly weaker than regular creepers. The iron sword used to spawn Wolfmen has a 20% droprate.

Vex Piglins should not be dismissed. It is better to run if there are more than one Vex Piglin near you. What’s worse? Blaze or Creeper? It doesn’t matter, as this mob is the worst. Although the Blaze Creeper may shoot at you as a regular blaze but if you get too close, you will be able to see what is coming. This is not The End! You won’t be able to have peace in the end. You can expect the mobs to drop what you’d expect. A Blaze Creeper, for example, drops what a Blaze Creeper or Creeper would drop.



  • Warden Dragon (Smaller and weaker than the real Warden, spawns in Swamp for now)
  • Phantom Fox (tamable with bones or chicken meat, spawns in Taiga and Icy biomes)
  • Blaze Wolf (tamable with blaze rods, spawns in Nether)
  • Rabbit Wolf (nameable with bones, spawns in Forest)
  • Wolfman (Iron Sword, spawns in Jungle)
  • Ender Creeper (Fast runner with BOOM, spawns in The End)
  • Blaze Creeper (Shoots and explodes, spawns in Nether)
  • Spider Llama (It spits poison…, spawns in Desert)
  • Vex Piglin (Gold Sword, spawns in Nether)
  • Silverfish Creeper (Does a small explosion, Spawns in Infected Cobblestone)
  • Wither Spider (Applies wither on its target, spawns in Warped Forest)
  • Ender Ghast (Drops Ghast Scale for Ender Bow, Spawns in The End)
  • Basalt Snake (Drops materials for basalt snake armor, Spawns in Basalt Deltas)
  • Bucketed Axolotl (Drops an empty bucket, Spawns in Plains)
  • Soul Blaze (Spawns in Soul Sand Valley)
  • Giant Axolotl (tamable with a bucket of tropical fish, Rideable if tamed, Spawns in Swamp)
  • Ender Blaze (The End, teleports and shoots ender ball)
  • Thorn Wolf (Dark forest)
  • Thorn Corrupted Wolfman (stage 1)(Dark forest)
  • Thorn Corrupted Wolfman (stage 2)(Dark forest)
  • Nether Serpent (Nether forests)
  • Wind Serpent (Swamp)
  • Feathered Serpent (Dark forest)
  • Fire Guardian (Nether)
  • Crimson Phantom (Crimson forest)
  • Warped Phantom (Warped forest)
  • Creeper Spiderling (Dark forest)
  • Creeper Spider (Dark forest)
  • Creeper Spider Broodmother (boss)(Spawning place not set. You can change it in the config)


  • Ender bow (Can shoot faster and farther then the normal bow)
  • Spirit Knife (Can skin phantom fox and blaze wolf on hit)
  • Ghast Scales (Crafting material)
  • Crystallized Soul (Crafting material)
  • Phantom Fox Pelt (Crafting material)
  • Blazewolf Pelt (Crafting material)
  • Snake Fang (Crafting material)
  • Snakeskin (Crafting material)
  • Soul Leather (Crafting material)
  • Warden Dragon Bone (Crafting material)


  • Blazewolf helmet (Minor fire resistance)
  • Phantomfox helmet (Cold Resistance)
  • Phantomfox chestplate (Cold Resistance)
  • Phantomfox leggings (Cold Resistance)
  • Phantomfox boots (Cold Resistance)
  • Wardendragon helmet (Halves incoming damage)
  • Wardendragon chestplate (Halves incoming damage)
  • Wardendragon leggings (Halves incoming damage)
  • Wardendragon boots (Halves incoming damage)
  • Basaltsnake helmet
  • Basaltsnake chestplate
  • Basaltsnake leggings
  • Basaltsnake boots


Giant mosquito

Soul blaze

Big axolotl

Bucketed axolotl

Ender ghast

Phantomfox armor

Blazewolf helmet

Wardendragon armor

Wither spider

Basaltsnake armor

Spider creeper broodmother

Warped phantom

Crimson phantom

Ender blaze

Nether Serpent

Feathered Serpent

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