YUNG’s Better Portals Mod – 1.16.5 – Making Portals More Immersive

Author: MrShadyMan
yungs better portals mod 1 16 5 making portals more immersive

YUNG’s Better portals Mod (1.16.5), enhances vanilla portals to make it more immersive and engaging. This mod is designed to reinvent the vanilla Nether Portal system. Instead of making a boring obsidian rectangle and setting it on fire, nether portals are now available in the form of Dimensional Rifts. These can be found deep underground. To reach the Nether, you’ll need to locate one of these Rifts – but it’s only a one-way journey.

You will need to find a Monolith in order to return from the Nether. These semi-rare, new structures can be seen from far away by the beams that they emit into the sky. A Reclaimer is the block that shoots this beam from each Monolith. It’s the key to the Overworld. The Reclaimer can’t work without power. To power the Reclaimer, you will need to place a gold block onto each of its four sides. This should not be difficult in the Nether. Once you are powered up, the Reclaimer can lift you into the Overworld.


  • Make the Nether portal system more engaging and immersive. Should reward exploration rather than rely on an arbitrary obsidian rectangle.
  • Simulate dimension stacking. By having Dimensional Rifts spawn at the bottom of the world (and teleport players close to the top of the Nether), this mod simulates dimension stacking in an intuitive, vanilla-friendly way. Time to bring your Hellevators to Minecraft.


A powered Monolith in the distance

An opening to a Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift

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