Zonko’s Monsters Mod – 1.16.5, 1.12.2 – Terrifying Mobs & Anomalies

Author: FixEye
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Zonko’s Monsters Mod (1.16.5 1.12.2) adds 12 new scary mobs to your nightmares. Anomalies are not only new cave sounds, but also for other purposes such as going to sleep.


Striga (Witcher Universe): A vengeful mob that gets faster and stronger the more it is damaged. Spawns everywhere and drops 1-2 Flint.

Lycanrow (Darkwood Universe): A mob with 1 health, but it summons 4 Lycanrow Offspring on death which inflicts Blindness. Spawns in Taiga, Roofed Forest, and Swamps and drops nothing.

Lycanrow Offspring: Baby Lycanrows that spawn after the Lycanrow dies. They are fast and inflict further blindness when attacking. Drops up to one Egg.

Human Spider (Darkwood Universe): A large mutated spider with 3 heads. When hit for the first time, it goes into rage mode and gains Speed III for a short period of time. Spawns everywhere but uncommonly and drops Slimeballs, String, and Spider Eyes.

Botchling (Witcher Universe): A baby demon that has a small chance to transform whenever hurt, so bring a weapon that will instantly kill it in order to minimize this chance. Spawns in Mountains, Swamps, Plains, Forests, and Birch Forests and drops up to one Feather.

Transformed Botchling: The bigger version of the Botchling after it transforms when hurt. It is very fast and deals 6 damage on Normal. Drops nothing.

Swamper (Darkwood Universe): A hulking reptilian abomination that climbs like a spider but can fit through smaller gaps. When it grabs you, it inflicts Slowness X. Spawns in Swamps, Roofed Forests, and Jungles. Drops 1-3 Fish and up to one Skeleton Skull.

Housebane: A stalker spirit that is immune to fire and drowning. When a player hits it, it will try to teleport 1 block closer to the player, making it able to go through walls with traps in front of them. Spawns in Plains, Deserts, and Tundras and drops 1-3 Charcoal and up to one Iron Ingot.

Katakan: The Katakan is the most intelligent vampire and deals the most damage. Although it has less health than a Garkain, it is able to temporarily turn invisible when it finds that you are trying to predict its movements. When it gets close enough to you, it uses telepathy to inflict tunnel vision and give you additional blindness effects, making you only see the vampire. Katakans hold the schematics to designing a prosthetic arm cannon.

Ekimmara: The Ekimmara is an average vampire with the lowest damage output. It hit and runs and regenerates slowly when hurt as well, but its first attack, if not interrupted, is inflicted with Strength II. After it strikes or fails to strike with its strength ability, it summons multiple bats and runs off, gaining Resistance II for 20 seconds. While it has Resistance, it cannot gain Strength.

Garkain: The Garkain is a huge vampire with an ugly appearance. It does not run away and uses sonic noises to disorient their enemies. When it does this, it glows to scare off smaller prey. It also inflicts nausea due to its terrible smell.

Fleder: The Fleder is small in size, but has the strongest regeneration ability. It hits and runs and regenerates slowly when hurt, but when it begins the hunt it gains Absorption III for the next 13 seconds. Killing it fast will be the best choice, because it can get to full health easily if given enough time.

Nekk: Nekks are short, hostile pack creatures that tag team to kill their prey. The ones with red faces, the Nekk Warriors, are pack leaders and have a chance to drop a Nekk Warrior Skull.

Chomper: Chompers are cold-blooded cursed humans who have an insatiable hunger and shrunk brain. They are highly aggressive, especially if woken from their slumber.

Armored Arachas: Armored Arachase are giant insectoid class mobs that have some of the most durable armor. They are able to sprint in short bursts and inflict poison. When a mob is killed by an Armored Arachase, it sheds a shell fragment. Arachase and Nekks hate each other.

Basilisk: Basilisks are unspeakable horrors that drive farmers crazy at night using psychological warfare. They are able to blind and wither entire regions temporarily while outside houses and stretch their vocal cords to mimic traumatic events.

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